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Dear Mr. President,

The socio-ecological alliance, consisting of 45 non-governmental organizations, would like to draw your attention to the issue of extinction of “Khosrov Forest” state natural reserve.
We deem it necessary to review the Government’s resolution (May 24, 2007, N673-N) on creating а state partial reserve of “Gilan” on the territory of “Khosrov Forest” and restore its natural reserve status. By adopting the given resolution a number of Aarhus Convention provisions were deeply violated, the public opinion and that of relevant specialists were ignored.
“Gilan” territory is located in the middle of the natural reserve. The change in its status can become a threatening precedent for the division of the natural reserve, which can lay foundation for the extinction of “Khosrov Forest” natural reserve. Adopting such a resolution without the knowledge of the public can also produce a great risk of corruption.
Having discussed the above resolution with the respective specialists of Botanical Institute of the RA, as well as zoological, hydro-ecological and ichthyologic centres, the working group of the alliance holds that the resolution contradicts the RA and international constitutions, in particular the laws on “Special Protection Areas”, “Vegetation” and “Wild Animals”, the provisions in the RA Red Book on Flora and Fauna, the UN convention on protection of biodiversity, the convention on Protection of World Culture and Natural Heritage, the European convention on protection of wild life and environment, as well as other provisions of international documents ratified or signed by the Republic of Armenia.
The resolution also conflicts with the policy of GEF, UNDP, WWF and a number of other donor organisations and can question their financial support provided to the areas of special protection, specifically the “Khosrov Forest” natural reserve, thus damaging their future preservation and development.
Discontented with the steps taken by the Ministry of Environment, we call for an immediate action regarding the already stated issue.
Dear President,
Being frustrated with the results of the engagement with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which intentionally avoided and delayed the solution of the problem, as well as expressing the opinion of the majority of citizens of the Republic of Armenia, the alliance demand from the RA Government to give an immediate and positive solution to the problem raised. We also ask you to intervene and back the lawful and patriotic demand.

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