суббота, 15 декабря 2007 г.

Teghut Trip~

This was our first trip to Teghut, which is about 200km from Yerevan. We have never been there before and spent 4 hours to get. There were 24 of us (journalists, photographers, doctor etc). Before getting to Teghut, we passed next to Alaverdi. The view was awful. The sky was dark, but that was a very sunny day in realize.
Teghut is going to be like that after some years. When we reached to Teghut village, we saw a group of villagers standing. We decided to talk to them, to discuss the problem, to know their opinion.
But, in our surprise, the talk became a fight. We used to think that villagers are against the forest destroy, because they think about their generation health, but in realize they were happy, because now they could have work. They even didn’t know about their children could have health problems. They even didn’t care about it I even don’t speak about trees~ and animals~ about what we even didn’t talk to them.

It would give no results talking about animals, when people don’t care about children. No, I am some mistaken, they think about children, they were telling us, that now they have an opportunity to earn money and send their children to Yerevan city. And also they were false informed, because when we asked them if they knew how many trees are going to be cut down, they answered “100”. But in realize there are over 170.000 trees that are going to disappear.Villagers even didn’t believe us, when we told we are just young activist, who left their job and came to fight for nature. They used to think somebody gave us money for that.
They stopped to believe that human can do something for nothing.That is a very poor village and cooper mine was a real “dream” for them. I want to mention the last thing they told us “They give us money, we are on their side. You give us money, we will be on yours”. MONEY…. KILLER MONEY!
We left them and we were very sad and angry. We realized, that asking them to help us and not offering a way of living is absurd. But unfortunately we cannot offer them something yet.
We left for the forest. Of course we weren’t allowed to pass the borders of mine. We were looking at all of that and our hearts were really unhappy. All of these were going to disappear soon.
I was looking at tress and I wanted to cry, to ask it to forgive me for I am human being and cannot help. That amazing forest was going to become an empty, dead diversity. We did not have a fortune to meet animals in the forest, because they are so afraid of people that they would never come closer, but we knew they were there, feeling we want to help.
Our first trip was really important to us, because now we know what we are fighting for!

Ms Ovsanna Hovsepyan
"DavOs" film and photography studio


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