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On Teghut at the PACE
07:37 pm | Today | Politics

"Heritage" faction MP Zaruhi Postanjyan has placed a draft resolution "On the disastrous impact of the exploitation of current and expected mining industry mines of Armenia on the environment" into circulation at the PACE.

The draft resolution was signed by 24 PACE delegates. Members of the Armenian delegation refused to sign and the first of the Armenian delegates to sign was Zaruhi Postanjyan.

Draft resolution

There are many mines for industry in Armenia and tens of large-scale tailing dumps, which have caused alarming issues for people's health and their right to live safely.

The indicator of illnesses among people living near the mines is troubling compared to the state indicators. The presence of heavy metals and other dangerous substances in the environment near the mining residencies exceed the allowed norms by tenfold.

Violating national legislation and a number of international norms, the RA Government has provided licenses for the exploitation and investigation of new mines, including the mines in Teghut and the Shahumyan mine in Kapan, as well as for the study and future exploitation of uranium in Armenia, which has already begun in the Lernadzor community of Syunik province. This has caused trouble for residents of the province who are persistently fighting against the Armenian-Russian uranium investigation and exploitation program.

Taking into account the fact that using safe food and having a safe environment is a fundamental human right, the Assembly must appoint an adequate reporter on damages to the environment and the population and give assignments to the Armenian authorities.

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