четверг, 23 сентября 2010 г.


I received a letter from one of Armenian environmental activists Mariam Sukhudyan. Mariam asked me if my compnay in Vermont can help their group of environemental activists that are trying hard to protect Teghut forest in Armenia from mass destruction by a mining company.

Mariam is a very dedicated, honest and fearless person; she was awarded “Woman of Courage” Award by the US Ambassador in March 2010 for her fight to protect abused children


I was thinking that the same old method that worked once for Shikahogh forest back in 2005 might work again. Mariam's group needs some professional help to set up a website tool that allows people send electronic letters to their presidents and Parliament/Senate/Congress representatives. Mariam is a very charismatic person, and the problem that she raises is extremely important. Once you work with her, you will feel that one day you might proudly mention to your grandchildren that you got in touch with her.

If someone knows how to set up websites that send letters to political officials (assuming that they have email address) or has other tips for Mariam, please let Mariam or me know. Police attacked their group (http://hetq.am/en/ecology/ecolur-2/#more-39378) and it is very important for this youth organization at this point to learn more about non-violent methods of protest.

Thank you,

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