воскресенье, 3 января 2010 г.

Dear Serj Tankian,

We are a group of young activists striving for nature protection in Armenia and not only.

Today, the natural lungs of Armenia – the forests, are being devastated, the mountains are destroyed for mining purposes, and soil that used to be so fruitful once is now getting enriched with heavy metals, the water is already dangerous for one’s health. If we keep on moving forward with such strategy in some years Armenia will turn into a big mining field where people from all over the world will have to come wearing protective masks and outfit to study the anomalous occurrences, animals and people.

Dear Serj, we want the stork to make its nest next to our homes just as you do, but most probably soon it will not find a poplar in Armenia to make its nest.
We do not want these forecasts to become real. We are the sons of the earth and we have to fight to protect the peace of land we have. And you are always present at our demonstrations and different events and actions organized for so many issues. You always encourage us with your songs, profound lyrics and powerful voice. We are all deeply impressed with your activity for nature protection, human rights, peace, etc.

Today, when we are facing so many obstacles in our work and so many are trying to threaten us, a small message from you or a song which might serve as an anthem for our green movement, would inspire our team members and volunteers, would give them a new impulse of positive energy so necessary to keep on going and not stepping back, it would encourage so many new people to join us, and help to protect the mother nature, our motherland that is in danger now.

Hoping for your support,
with big respect and bet wishes,


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