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EcoTopia Newsletter Januar 2010

Ecotopia 2010 contact address: Info@ecotopia2010.org

Diese Newsletter gibt es auch in Deutsch


The house where we have our Ecotopia 2010 "preparation office" stands in the middle of a forest (at least 7 km trees in any direction) the telefon compagnies says that it stands to far from the so-called "civilised world" that it is not possible to installed a fast internet (DSL) by landline, therefor we have a satalite in our garden. The last weeks however there was a lot snow and our satalite disc was full with it most of the time, so our internetconnection worked very slow or not at all, sounds like a fairy tale, but it is the reason that you get this newsletter a bit later as planned.
We actually wanted to send it out at the 8th of Jan. being precisely a year after we started with the idea to organise Ecotopia 2010 in our region, than we want to send it out on the 14th of Jan. being the date that it was only 200 days to go till Ecotopia starts, but our internet did not play along, so you had to wait till today:-)


In the last weeks a lot of things has happened, the new year started and like the rest of Northern Europe our region disappeared under a blanket of white snow. The preparation for Ecotopia 2010 however went on, almost 300 people out of 22 different countries said that they will come, many more that they may will come. Besdes that also the bg group of asylum seekers who live in a refugee center in Belzig, the town next door to Wiesenburg has start preparing a project for Ecotopia 2010.

Also good news about the food for Ecotopia 2010, first of all Kollektief Rampenplan who cooked on a lot of Ecotopia's will come to cook, the food, vegetable will come from regional ecological farmers with whom we already made contacts, they will grow on their land especially for Ecotopia this year.


In the town of Wiesenburg (this is the bigger town (about 2500 inhabitans) about 2 km from the very small village Wiesenburg-Bahnhof, where Ecotopia 2010 will take place) and also the even bigger town Belzig (almost 8500 inhabitants) had their official New Years reception at both a big group of the local preparation team of Ecotopia were present, at the one in Wiesenburg Ecotopia 2010 was also specially invited since it is one of the biggest events which will take place this year in the town.

By the way also on the sanitation things has happened, beside Demotech (www.demotech.org), there will be also mobile compost toilets which were buld for anti-atomwaste actions in Wendland (Germany) and were used by the anti-nato action in Strassbourg (France) last year. We also got offered two different ecological waste water installations, but with the awaited almost 1000 people we are not yet sure if that will be enough.

For the rest we are in the middle of organising all official permissions, we are in Germany and even when the Female Mayor of Wiesenburg and the Towncouncil stands behnd Ecotopia 2010 it means never the less that a lot of papers and official offces have to be finished, we are however fully positive that we get all neccessary papers till the being..

For those who like to come before Ecotopia 2010, we will start building up in May already...

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